Let’s learn about colour!

Exploring Colour on PhotoPeach

This week the children have been exploring different colours. We used filters to make our classroom different colours and CD’s to make our own rainbows in the sunlight. We made a large painting altogether, find out different ways to make marks and mix colours.
Mrs Cox and many early years helpers prepared our ‘Rainbow Fruit Salad’ snack bar. They were careful to be really hygienic making sure their hands and preparation surface and tools were really clean.
The children visited the ‘Snack Bar’ one at a time to collect their fruit salad and pay for it at the till. Some children were asked to pay with any 7 coins, selecting them from a larger group. Other children paid the total of 70p using 7 10p coins or challenged to see if they could pay with just 2 coins.

Untitled from Heather Sharpe on Vimeo.

FS2 are busy being illustrators and Authors!


Our FS2 children are busy being Authors writing their own stories about a mysterious house. We have also become illustrators making our own front covers, giving the reader clues about what might happen in the story. 

Our amazing stories will be displayed in the classroom however we hope to share these with you on the blog soon. 

Every Child is an Artist…

On arriving to school this morning the early years pupils noticed a few changed around our classroom. Over the weekend the early years team have been busy creating new learning walls using chalk board paint which will be used to enhance and inspire learning.

The children were all set the challenge today to add a drawing on to one of the new walls. Here’s the result of their hard work …

Photo 30-03-2015 15 11 56

Easter Egg Hunt


A big thank you to the PTFA for a egg-cellent and egg-citing egg hunt!